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Wholesale Information

Can I order your items at wholesale prices?
Yes, you can order any our our items at wholesale discounts:

To place a wholesale order use the following discounts:

Minimum order 6 products:     15% off -   Use Code- BRONZE15

Minimum order 12 products:   20% off-    Use Code- SILVER20

Minimum order 24 products:   25% off-    Use Code- GOLD25

Minimum order 36 products:   30% off     Use Code: Platinum30

    Just add the items to your "shopping cart" and use the coupon codes during checkout.

    How do I check the prices by brand and information for wholesale orders?

    Please click here to check all the prices and information for wholesale orders.

    Do I need any tax id or any registration form to be a wholesaler?
    No, you do not need any document to purchase our products at wholesale prices.
    You can order our items directly from our website. Please read the information above this question.

    Can I use your pictures or information for my online store?
    Yes, you can use our pictures and information but you have to provide us first with your online store information and the receipt you purchase the merchandise from us. Do not use our pictures or information if you haven't purchase form us. Please read our privacy policy to understand the copyright information from being a wholesaler.

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