Wholesale Prices

What are the prices for wholesale orders?

If you want to order by brand please check the following prices:

*To place a wholesale order use the following discount code.

    Minimum order 6 products:     15% off -   Use Code- BRONZE15

    Minimum order 12 products:   20% off-    Use Code- SILVER20

    Minimum order 24 products:   25% off-    Use Code- GOLD25

    Minimum order 36 products:   30% off     Use Code: Platinum30

    Is there any minimum to order wholesale?

    Yes, aside from our competition we offer a minimum quantity of 6 items or more so you can start your own business today!

    How can I order these items including the wholesale prices?

    You have two options you can select the styles and sizes and send us your order by email to support@jdcolfashion.com or you can order them directly from our site www.jdcolfashion.com